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Latest updates regarding the posting of workers abroad, safety on the foreign workplace and other tax fulfilments.

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For the latest updates on posting of workers abroad, safety in the workplace and other tax fulfilments.

On Tuesday, November 15, Studio A&P is holding a webinar for Confindustria Biella about “How to manage posting of workers abroad” (Come gestire in azienda le trasferte del personale all’estero).

Topics of the Webinar

The goal of the Webinar is to provide an overview about:

  • Managing posting of workers abroad;
  • Plan business trips to the UK and the US;
  • Latest covid-19 restrictions on selected Countries worldwide;
  • Safety for workers on assignment abroad;
  • Taxation on Construction Sites.


Among the hottest topics, Studio A&P will discuss about the EU Directive 1152/2019 which, from July 2022, introduced relevant changes on how companies should manage posted workers abroad, especially if for periods of more than 4 weeks.

Topics of the Webinar will be supported with case studies and latest judgements to provide concrete insights on the initiatives companies are called on to take.

How to join the Webinar

When: Tuesday, November 15, from 10:00 to 12:30.

Fee: Free of charge

The Webinar is dedicated to Confindustria Biella and its companies associated. For further information on how to join the Webinar, Studio A&P remains at your disposal.


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