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UK implemented new business visitor rules from 31 January 2024  

The UK government has changed the visitor visa rules, expanding the list of permitted activities for business visitors in the UK.

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With a Statement of Changes published in December, the UK government has changed the visitor visa rules starting from 31 January 2024.

The change aims at expanding the list of permitted activities for visitors, so as to allow them to carry out a wider range of business activities in the UK without having to obtain a work visa prior to their travel. Specifically, the changes concern the activities allowed under intra-company transfers, remote working and permitted paid engagements.  

The new business visitor rules

Firstly, the new rules allow employees of an overseas based company to undertake activities directly with clients.

In details, they are allowed to:

  • Advise and consult;
  • Trouble-shoot;
  • Provide training and
  • Share skills and knowledge also directly with clients,

provided that: 

  • The employee’s movement in an intra-corporate setting and any client facing activities is incidental to their employment abroad; and  
  • The above activities are required for the delivery of a project or service by the UK branch of the visitor’s employer overseas and are not part of a project or service that is being delivered directly to the UK client by the visitor’s employer overseas. 

If the activities don’t fall into the one described or the employee is required to stay at the UK branch longer than the period set on the visitor rules, an Intra Company Transfer visa may be required.    

Clarifications on UK Visitor Visa

Secondly, the new rules clarify that remote working is possible on a visitor visa. Specifically, PA. 4 underlines that visitors may undertake activities related to their employment overseas, remotely from within the UK, but provided that this is not the primary purpose of their visit.  

Finally, the new rules clarify that visitors will be able to undertake permitted paid engagement, without the need to apply for a specific visa. This applies under certain conditions in terms of activities type and activity arrangement.  

Regulatory Framework

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