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Updated Visit Guidance enables after-sales personnel to enter the UK with Standard Visitor permit.

Version 11.0 of Visit Guidance issued on October 6 has updated the entry requirements for after-sales personnel entering the country to perform installation or maintenance work.

Permit to enter the UK: requirements

Workers may travel to the United Kingdom with a Standard Visitor permit – without the need to apply for a visa for EU citizens – to perform “Installation, dismantling, repair, service or advise on machinery, equipment, computer software or hardware” (or train UK based workers to provide these services) where there is a contract of purchase, supply or lease with a UK company or organization and either:

  • The overseas company is the manufacturer or supplier; or
  • The overseas company is part of a contractual arrangement for after sales services agreed at the time of the sale or lease, including in a warranty or other service contract incidental to the sale or lease.

Accordingly, Paragraph PA 7 of Visit Guidance allows employees of a sub-contractor to supply after-sales service to a firm based in the UK, provided the given service was stated in the main contract.

Border controls in the UK

Upon arrival, British border authorities may perform different inspections. Travelers may be asked to provide the sales contract where the specific service are stated, which truthfulness may be checked by the authorities by directly contacting the English company.

Regulatory Framework

Visit Guidance (ver. 11.0), October 6, 2021


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