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Brexit: Activities permitted by the Visitor Regime

international travel restrictions

The UK Authorities provide clarification on the conditions of entry into the UK for workers under the Visitor regime

Although Brexit marked the end of free movement between the European Union and the UK, EU citizens are considered by the UK government to be “visa-free” and as such do not necessarily have to apply for a visa before traveling to the UK, provided it is a temporary stay (6 months or less, depending on the circumstances), and exclusively aimed at the activities included in the Visitor regime.

Activities with no VISA needed

The activities allowed without the need for a visa include some general work activities such as attending meetings, conferences or negotiating contracts, but also activities related to the production and supply of goods and in detail “installation, dismantling, repair or advice by a manufacturer for equipment, software or hardware, if that manufacturer has a purchase, supply or lease agreement with a company or organization in the UK”.

Clarifications of the British Autorities and further attention

Although the relevant legislation does not provide information regarding the type of this contract, the British authorities, consulted in this regard, have clarified that this contract must be entered into directly between the Italian company and the British company. Therefore, cases of subcontracting are excluded.

For those providing services, for example those included in the Agreement for Cooperation and Trade between the EU and the UK as part of a contract with a counterpart in the United Kingdom, the general category of reference is the T5 visa, however attention must be paid to the type of service and the respective requirements; in addition, the company must not have a commercial presence in the United Kingdom.

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