The new Decree on Infrastructures modifies the Italian traffic rules

The Decree approved on November 4th will introduce new regulations concerning rented cars, new technologies and safety rules.

The Decree approved on November 4th will introduce new regulations concerning rented cars, new technologies and safety rules.

On November 4th, 2021, the new Decree on Infrastructures was approved. The Decree, which will be published on the Official Gazette within November 10th, 2021, includes changes to the Italian traffic rules. One relevant change applies to rented cars: drivers will be responsible to any tickets, and leasing companies will transmit the need data to the authorities to identify drivers.

New regulations following technological advances

Many changes aim to update the old regulations following the technological advances which have modified the urban environment. New rules have been introduced for electric scooters: turn signals and brakes on both wheels will be compulsory for all scooters, and the speed limits will be set to 6km/h in pedestrian zones and 20 km/h in all other areas. Another update concerns the use of electronic devices while driving. Drivers will be fined for using not only cellphones, but also all other similar devices, including tablets or laptops. Last, new rules to charge electric cars in public spots will reduce the allowed parking time to the duration of the recharge.

Additional safety norms

Other relevant changes concern the drivers’ and pedestrians’ safety. It is now compulsory for passengers to wear a casket on motor-scooters regardless of their ages. Moreover, it will be made mandatory to allow pedestrians who are moving closer to the zebra stripes to cross the road, and not only those who are already crossing the road.

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