Testing of the INPS service “Advanced Telematic Helpdesk” at an international level

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The INPS informs the start of the experimentation of the INPS International service “Evolved telematic desk” project, which is part of the PNRR. As part of the “Evolved Telematic Helpdesk” project, the launch of the “INPS International” service is programmed at the offices identified as specialized territorial poles for users residing abroad.

INPS opens the first two advanced telematic portals

In recent days, INPS activated the first two advanced telematic portals, accessible only in web meeting mode, for retirees and workers residing in the United States of America (USA) and in Tunisia, as well as for residents in Germany, registered in the DRV SCHWABEN.

Dedicated portals have been activated respectively at:

  • Provincial Directorate of Palermo (USA and Tunisia);
  • Provincial Directorate of Catanzaro (Germany, enrolled in the DRV SCHWABEN).

How to access the advanced INPS telematic portals

Users residing in these countries will be able to access the “Office desks” service from the dedicated page of the institutional portal “Video meeting consultancy services for pensioners and workers residing abroad”, identify the office of interest and the dedicated desk and, after authenticating with your SPID, CIE or CNS credentials, book the web meeting.

On the day and at the time set during the online meeting, it will be possible to request and obtain information or exchange documentation in real time, directly with the Headquarters officials.

In the experimental start-up phase, the portals, which will be managed in Italian, will be organized with meetings via the web lasting a maximum of 30 minutes and will be open 2 days a week for a total of 4 hours.

Subsequently, the project will plan the activation of further branches.

Final considerations

Finally, we inform you that the new functions of the advanced telematic desk have also been implemented at the already operational branches of the Provincial Directorate of Chieti, dedicated to the services of members of the Carabinieri and the Army.

A technical support group is also available, to which any requests can be sent via e-mail to the following address: help.sportellotelematico@inps.it

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