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On Wednesday, November 30, Studio A&P will be holding a Webinar for Assoservizi Reggio Emilia. The Webinar will focus on how to manage assignments of workers abroad, considering the latest EU Directives and its Italian transpositions.

Table of contents

  1. Topics of the Webinar
  2. How to join the Webinar
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1. Topics of the Webinar on the posting of workers abroad

The Italian Decreto Trasparenza

Studio A&P will provide details on the Italian Decree that transposes EU Directives regarding mandatory fulfillments for companies posting workers abroad.

EU Directives

  • Directive 1152/2019: new requirements for posting workers to EU Countries – how to manage salary alignment?
  • Directive 2014/67 and control prescription.
  • Directive 96/71: consequences in case of lacking objective and subjective requirements for assignments in the EU.

Covid-19 restrictions

How to manage assignments abroad complying with active international restrictions (Extra-EU Countries and China).

Plan assignments in the UK after Brexit

How to use Frontier and Visitor Visas, as well as establishing a limited company for Sponsorship License.

Plan assignments in the USA

  • Rules to use the American Business Visa
  • Establishment of a Limited for E and L Visa

Safety of workers abroad

An overview of the latest judgments and their effects on corporate procedures to prevent further responsibilities for top management.

Taxation of construction sites abroad and more

Latest news introduced with art.5 of OECD in several Countries with which Italy has bilateral agreements.

Mid-long term international assignments

General guide on how to plan and manage.

2. How to join the Webinar

The Webinar is free of charge but dedicated to companies associated with Assoservizi Reggio Emilia.

When: Wednesday, November 30 from 10:00 to 12:00.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Studio A&P.

Contact Studio A&P

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