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Move to Verona: why it can be a great match for your new life in Italy

Our guide on why Verona could be a great match for you if you are considering moving to Italy.

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Verona is located on the northern edge of the Po Valley, in the Veneto region, and it is a city of approximately 257.000 inhabitants. One of its main symbols is the Verona Arena, an ancient roman amphitheater with an excellent degree of preservation; the entire city was in fact also declared a world heritage site by UNESCO, for its remarkable preservation of buildings from different ages of history.

Relocating to Verona and entering Italy from abroad

The immigration process to move to Verona, and more generally in Italy, is different for EU and non-EU citizens. You will require a visa to enter the country if you are a non-EU citizen. Visas come in a variety of formats, depending on your needs. You shall register your presence at Questura di Verona once you enter Italy.

Instead, if you are an EU citizen, you will simply need your ID or passport to enter the country, but you will also need to obtain the fiscal code.

EU and non-EU citizens who intend to live in Italy permanently must register at the Verona Town Hall.

Move to Verona: where to live in Verona

The second step when moving to Verona is finding the perfect home. We know that the choice is not easy, as there are many factors to consider. The following are some of our best suggestions:

  • Town center: this is the place for who wants to live immersed in Verona’s culture, among a lot of shops, historical monuments and the vibrancy of the nightlife;
  • Valdonega: a district with a calmer environment and a lot of greenery; it is very close to the town center and the housing prices are lower;
  • Borgo Roma: this a great district for those that want to make a good propriety investment; there is also the faculty of medicine and a hospital; it is not close to the center, but with the very efficient public transportation system it should not be a problem.

Healthcare assistance when moving to Verona

Foreign nationals legally residing in Italy have the right to be enrolled to the National Healthcare System to be assisted by a family doctor or pediatrician.

Culture and love

The city of Verona is also known as “Italy’s doorway”, because it anticipates to those who come from the north, the beauty, grandeur, and essence of our country.

Love is the strongest symbol of this city, as one of its most famous landmarks is Juliet’s House Museum, an absolute reference point for lovers from all over the world, said to be the actual house from which William Shakespeare got inspired to write his notorious tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”.

A taste of Verona

Food in Italy is not seen simply as nourishment, it is considered an art. Every Italian region has a culinary tradition, just like every city. The typical food of this city, like most food in Italy, consists of simple ingredients: however, despite this, the results are always flavorful and delicious.

Here are some of the most popular dishes:

  • Risotto con Tastasal”, it is a rice-based dish with minced pork, salt and pepper;
  • Pastissada de Caval”, horse meat braised in wine flavored with herbs;
  • Lesso con la pearà”, is composed of mixed boiled meat with vegetables served with a breadcrumbs-based puree; and it is impossible not to mention one of the most famous desserts in the whole peninsula:
  • Pandoro”, literally “golden bread”, a type of sweet bread composed of flour, sugar, eggs and butter, served with a coat of powdered sugar.

Getting in and around Verona

Just south-west of the city there is the airport Valerio Catullo, which is connected to various Italian cities like Rome, Milan, Bari and Naples; it is also well connected to international cities such as Barcellona, Birmingham, Ibiza and Malé. Verona is well connected to other large cities like Turin, Milan and Venice through the A4 highway, which crosses the entire Po Valley from west to east.

This city has also one of the best transportation systems in all the country, it takes little more than 8 minutes on average to move 1 km in the city center, and the cost of a single ticket is only 1,30€ to move on 30 bus lines, with buses passing every five minutes. Verona Bus public transport is run by ATV.

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