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Move to Modena: why you should consider living in Emilia Romagna

Are you thinking about relocating to Italy and looking for a smaller, yet dynamic city? Read our complete guide and find out why Modena could be a good match for you.

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Modena is located in Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy and it is a small city of approximately 187.000 inhabitants, whose history dates back to the Roman times. The life of its community revolves around the historic center, with the UNESCO-heritage cathedral, the small cafes to enjoy traditional food during the “aperitivo” or go shopping under its signature “portici”. In this guide, you will find all the information you need to move to Modena.

Before arriving in Italy

The immigration process is different for EU and extra-EU nationals. As an extra-EU you will need a Visa to enter the country: Arletti & Partners can help you apply for the Italian Visa that best suits you. After entering the Country with a valid travel Visa, you will need to register your presence at the authorities in charge.

The Italian Public Authorities in charge of releasing the official documents that allow extra-EU nationals to legally live in Italy are:

  • Polizia di Stato;
  • Prefettura.

On the other hand, the only requirement for EU nationals is the obtainment of the fiscal code: however, both EU and Extra-EU citizens who are planning to live in Italy permanently need to enroll at Modena Town Hall.

Move to Modena: Finding a home in Modena

Modena is the home to Studio Arletti & Partners, so we want to make you feel at home in Modena. The second step in your relocation process is finding the perfect home. There are different factors to consider when looking for the perfect home, like closeness to your workplace, easy access to shopping areas, schools, or to the nightlife, and lastly budget. The following are some of our best suggestions:

  • Sant’Agnese, Amendola, Villaggio Giardino and Buon Pastore are among the most prestigious areas, while Morane is particularly beloved by families with young children;
  • The town center is the best option for students and for those who wish to be closer to restaurants and pub;
  • People wishing to live in a calmer environment will enjoy the countryside or the hills (Appennini) surrounding the town, where bigger and independent houses with garden are often available.

Arletti&Partners will support you in every phase of the process, from the temporary accommodation or house search to the contract negotiation and signature, by suggesting the most convenient types of contract, and the house delivery.

Driving in the “motor valley”

Different regulations apply to EU or extra-EU nationals concerning the driving permissions. Extra-EU citizens may drive in Italy for one year from their residency registration before converting their driving license into an Italian license.

On the other hand, different rules apply to EU citizens, based on the duration of their license. Nevertheless, foreign plates must be converted within 60 days from the residency registration at the local Department of Motor Vehicles (Motorizzazione).

Move to Modena: Healthcare assistance in Modena

Foreign nationals legally residing in Italy have the right to be enrolled to the National Healthcare System to be assisted by a family doctor or pediatrician. Arletti&Partners can support you in enrolling into the Healthcare System and finding an English-speaking doctor to guarantee the best assistance for you and your family.

A taste of the Italian culture

If you are interested in learning the Italian language and get a taste of the local culture, Italian Language School Romanica Accademia Italiana offers a wide range of activities, from food and wine tastings to visits to the production sites of typical products, such as the traditional balsamic vinegar. Parents who wish to grant their children an international education, with lessons carried out in English may opt for International School Modena.

Your starting point to discover Italy

Modena is well connected with the main Italian highways (A22, A14 and A1), via which you can reach some of Italy’s most attractive cities, such as Florence or Verona; the Riviera for your summer holidays, or the UNESCO world-heritage Dolomiti for your winter fun. From the train station in Modena you can get to visit the majority of Italian cities. The closest airport in Modena is the Aeroporto G. Marconi Bologna BLQ, with direct connections to the main Italian and international destinations.

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