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Italy-Australia Medicare agreement 

Italy and Australia have signed a reciprocal agreement for healthcare. This guide will explain how the Italy-Australia Medicare agreement works.

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Does Medicare cover you in Italy?

Medicare is an Australian programme whose purpose is assisting Australian nationals with medical expenses. This programme, though, is only valid within the Australian territory, so Medicare Australia does not work for Italians.

Nevertheless, Australia has signed bilateral agreements with some countries, in order to guarantee healthcare assistant to its nationals while abroad. One of these countries is Italy.

For more information, take a look on Healthcare Bilateral Treaties for Italian Citizens Abroad.

How does reciprocal healthcare work in Australia?

Currently, Australia has signed reciprocal agreements with 11 countries:  

  • Belgium;
  • Finland;
  • Italy; 
  • Malta; 
  • Netherlands;
  • New Zealand;
  • Norway; 
  • Republic of Ireland;
  • Slovenia; 
  • Sweden;
  • United Kingdom. 

Australian nationals can receive assistance when it comes to medical costs in these countries. More specifically, the support includes emergency care, and care for urgent illness or injury that need immediate treatment. 

Italy-Australia Medicare Agreement: how does it work?

According to the Italy Australia Medicare agreement, Australian tourists visiting Italy may receive free care for the following services: 

  • care as a hospital patient or out-patient at public and authorised hospitals; 
  • GP and specialist care from public clinics, health centres and authorised hospitals and clinics;
  • urgent dental care at public hospitals. 

Medicine and tests are not covered. Therefore, it is advisable to arrange for a private insurance as well, in order to assists with extra costs. 

Medicare Australia for Italians

It is a common question also for Italian tourists whether they can get free healthcare assistance. Although it is advisable to get a private insurance for all travels, Italian tourists may access Australian Medicare for up to six months. They are guaranteed urgency medical care for free, but other costs must be borne by the tourists themselves.

For more details, you may look at the guide on healthcare in Australia for Italian citizens

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Reciprocal Agreement between Italy and Australia on Healthcare

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