IMU benefits for individual who are resident abroad

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Article 1 paragraph 48 of Law 178/2020 reintroduced a 50% reduction in the IMU and a reduction of 2/3 on the TARI (or on the fee for waste) for retired individuals resident abroad who own a housing unit in Italy as property or usufruct (not rented out or granted on loan).

However, this benefit, appeared to be reserved only to those who are holders of a pension accrued under the international convention with Italy and, furthermore, the possibility that an individual may possess more than one residential unit is not taken into consideration and it was not clear whether it is possible to choose to which unit the benefit should be applied.

Taking into consideration what the MEF has pronounced, from 2021, individuals will be entitled to benefit from the 50% IMU reduction and the TARI discount and, by virtue of the substitution effect, the income tax benefits and the possibility of being exempted from the obligation to submit a tax return will remain, as the real estate income is considered to be subjected to the IMU.

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