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730/2024 Form approved: what changes under the new 730 Form

Through order n. 68472/2024, the Italian Revenue Agency has approved the 730/2024 Form, as well as the instructions for submission. The Italian tax return, filed through 730/2024 Form must be submitted within September 30th, 2024.

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As provided for by art. 2 of Legislative Decree n. 1 of January 8th, 2024, on the rationalisation and simplification of the norms on tax obligations, starting from 2024, the 730 Form has been extended to new categories of subjects.

Let’s see what changes have been introduced in the 730/2024 Form.

Now possible to declare foreign investments and capital income from foreign sources

Starting from this year, it will be possible to declare some types of income which previously had to be declared through the Modello Redditi PF.

Specifically, certain types of capital income from foreign sources subject to substitute tax can now be declared through the 730 Form. Moreover, it will be possible to fulfill the obligations related to the tax monitoring of foreign assets owned or held under another right in rem and to determine the substitute taxes due on foreign assets.

To comply with these obligations, the new W Form has been introduced in the 730/2024 Form. The W Form will allow the management of IVIE (tax on real estate located abroad), IVAFE (tax on foreign financial investments) and of the substitute tax on crypto-assets.

If you work abroad and want to know if you have to file a tax declaration in Italy, take a look at our guide on the tax return in Italy for expats.

730 Form without a withholding agent: who can submit it in 2024

Another innovation that has been introduced is the possibility to submit the pre-filled or ordinary 730 Form also in its version for taxpayers without a withholding agent. This may be done regardless of having a withholding agent in charge of making the balance payment.

Those who submit the 730/2024 Form in this version will have to pay the due taxes through a F24 form. In case of credit resulting from the tax return, taxpayers will receive the refund directly from the Revenue Agency.

730/2024 updates: the new L Form

Starting from this year, thanks to the introduction of the L Form, it will be possible to communicate the data related to land revaluation in the 730/2024 Form, pursuant to art. 2 of Decree-law n. 282/2002.

Updates on Modello Redditi PF 2024: RU and W Forms

The forms of Modello Redditi PF 2024 that may be submitted in addition to the 730 Form have also changed. From this year, in addition to the RM and the RT Forms, it will be possible to submit also the RU Form, dedicated to below-threshold farmers.

On the other hand, the RW Form will not available anymore, since foreign investments may now be declared through the W Form in the 730/2024 Form.

Deductions for dependent children 2024

It is to be noted that, for the whole 2023 tax year, deductions for dependent children are due only on children aged 21 or older.

Deductions for minor children are no longer provided, and extra bonuses for disabled children have been replaced by the assegno unico. Data of minor children will still have to be indicated in the statement about dependent children to continue to benefit from other deductions and bonuses provided by the Regions for additional regional taxes.

Superbonus deduction and other updates on 730/2024 Form

Another innovation concerns the superbonus deduction. In the tax return, it is now possible to opt for a breakdown of the expenses incurred in 2022 into 10 instalments.

Moreover, other changes are introduced, such as:

  • Reduced taxation of tips in the Horeca sector;
  • Changes to the deductions for personnel of the security and defense sector;
  • Changes to the rules on taxation of work in the sports sector; 
  • VAT deduction on the purchase of houses of energy class A or B;
  • Tax credit for mediation; 
  • Tax credit for negotiation and arbitration; 
  • Tax credit for unified contribution; 
  • Tax credit for electric scooters and e-mobility services. 

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Regulatory Framework

Order n. 6842/2024 Revenue Agency

Reference (Italian only)

Art. 2 - Legislative Decree n. 1/2024

Reference (Italian only)

Art. 2 - Decree-law n. 282/2002

Reference (Italian only)

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