Posting 360: the European Labor Authority new program for the enhancement of cross-border cooperation on social security

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The European Labor Authority (ELA) is an agency of the European Union developed to enable the improvement and reinforcement of cross-border cooperation in terms of social security. It was founded in March 2023 and together with the European Commission, has developed a new program called: “Posting 360 Mutual Learning and Understanding Program“.

Objectives of the Posting 360 program

The project aims to develop common knowledge network and continuous exchange of information on issues related to social security and posting of workers. The Forum has planned two meetings on an annual basis to be held at the ELA headquarters in Bratislava; these meetings will be attended by national authorities from the fields of labor law and social security coordination, along with social partners and other independent experts.

The first meeting, held on March 13 and 14, identified 6 areas for the Forum to focus on in order to achieve the goals of the program:

  1. implementation of the Directives on Posting of Workers;
  2. posted Third-Country Nationals;
  3. implementation of social security coordination rules to posted workers;
  4. information exchange and digitalisation opportunities for authorities, employers and workers;
  5. effective administrative procedures and control measures;
  6. facilitation of collection and improvement of data.


More information about the European Labor Authority

The European Labor Authority (ELA) is an agency of the European Union established on March 13, 2019 and operational as of October 16 of the same year. As previously announced, the agency’s headquarters is Bratislava, where meetings related to the above-mentioned program will also take place.

The main objective of the new agency is to make the exchange of information between Member Countries on the posting of workers more transparent and to facilitate understanding of the different transpositions of existing European regulations in this area, as well as to act as a mediator in case of cross-border disputes between member states.

Regulatory Framework

European Labor Authority (ELA)


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