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IMU Declaration: how to submit it

An introductory guide on IMU declaration: the latest news, how to submit it and what to do in case of a late declaration.

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What is the IMU declaration?

The IMU (Municipal Property Tax) Declaration is the communication through which owners of an immovable property have to transmit the information regarding any subjective or objective modifications occurred to their real estate units.

Such communication takes place through a form provided by municipalities and defined by the Ministerial Decree of 29th July 2022 (08/08/22 edition of the Official Gazette). This template replaces the old format, provided by the Ministerial Decree of 26th June 2014.

New form for the IMU declaration

The new form consists of a front page and two sections: A and B.

Section A regards the identification of the property for IMU purposes. This section must be filled with the land register details related to the property for which the communication must be sent.

Section B is devoted to identifying marine platforms and regasifiers (in relation to IMPi tax).

Where do I find the IMU declaration?

The declaration form is available on the Finance Department website, at the following link: IMU-IMPi Declaration.

Where do I find the instructions to fill in the 2024 IMU declaration?

The instructions are available on the Finance Department website, at the following link: Instructions to fill in the IMU Declaration 2024.

How to submit the IMU declaration form and what the deadlines are

The IMU declaration form must be submitted to the municipality where the property is located.

The document may be sent through different channels:

  • Registered mail;
  • Certified e-mail;
  • Telematic channels, such as Entratel or Fisconline.

The deadline for the IMU declaration

The IMU declaration must be submitted within the 30th June of the year following the period where the variation took place.

For example, assuming the purchase of an immovable property in 2022 or that such property has experienced one of the variations included among the cases provided by law during 2022, the form must be submitted to the municipality no later than the 30th June 2023.

The form must be submitted just once. This means that it will be valid also for the following years, if no other modifications occur, for which a new submission is required.

When must the IMU declaration be submitted?

The types of property subject to the obligation to submit the declaration are those which:

  • Benefit from reductions on the payment of IMU tax;
  • Fall within the cases provided by law, for which the competent Municipality does not have all the information needed to verify the correctness of the IMU tax payment.

The form’s objective is to communicate all the variations affecting the payment of the tax, that the Municipality would not be informed of through other channels.

IMU Declaration: when it is mandatory

Below are some examples of cases in which the IMU declaration is mandatory.

Categories of property for which the declaration is mandatory:

  • Property of historical or artistic interest;
  • Unusable or inhabitable (thus unused) property;
  • Real estate units granted through free loan among first-grade relatives;
  • Commodity goods, meaning that type of property built and destined to the sale, by the building company.

Variations that make the submission of the declaration mandatory

  • The property has been subject to finance lease. Indeed, such obligation arises for the holder and the grantor society from the conclusion of the property leasing contract;
  • The property has been subject to administrative lease on State-owned areas;
  • The object of the deed of constitution, modification or transfer of the right has been a building area;
  • Agricultural land has become a building area;
  • The area has become buildable following the demolition of the building;
  • The immovable property is assigned to a partner of the undivided property housing cooperative, or the destination as primary residence of the property has changed;
  • The property has lost or acquired the right to exemption from IMU tax during the reference year;
  • Properties that have acquired or lost the right to exemption from IMU during the reference year.

For all the other cases in which it is mandatory to submit the IMU declaration, please refer to the instructions provided by the Ministry.

What if I don’t submit the IMU declaration?

As anticipated, the deadline for submitting the IMU declaration is the 30th of June of the year following that in which the variation, which is the subject of the communication, has taken place.

Voluntary correction of the declaration

It is possible to remedy the failure to submit the IMU declaration within 90 days from the deadline.

Voluntary correction includes sanctions equal to 10%, with a minimum of €50. The increased amount is the difference between the amount resulting from the IMU declaration and the sum paid by self-assessment within the deadlines.

In case of late submission and voluntary correction, in addition to the IMU declaration form, the following documents must be also attached:

  • Copy of the tax payment receipt;

And provide the following information:

  • Specify that it is a submission through voluntary correction, and
  • Indicate the partitioning of the payments made.

Correction or integration of the declaration

It is also possible to correct a declaration that has been already submitted, if we notice any errors.

Such correction must be performed through the payment of:

  • IMU tax still due on the basis of the supplementary declaration;
  • The reduced sanction, equal to 6.25% (which is to say 1/8 of 50%), calculated on the difference between the tax resulting from the declaration and the amount of tax already paid by self-assessment;
  • The legal interests calculated on a daily basis, from the day in which the payment should have been made to the day in which it is actually made.

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