ELA mediation: online the procedure for national authorities (in all EU languages)

pubblicato il manuale per mediazione ELA

Table of Contents

Mediation at ELA

Mediation before the ELA is a tailor-made and voluntary mechanism offered to Member States in case there are conflicting positions on the interpretation and application of EU legislation on the inter-European mobility of workers or on the coordination of social security aspects. Mediation procedures are now available at ELA in order to reach a strongly recommended solution, even if it is not binding.

The first dispute to be solved successfully through the new mediation service at ELA involved Cyprus and Germany and it concerned social security coordination.

Areas of action of ELA

The mediation procedure can be requested in relation to all disputes relating to EU legislation on labor mobility, namely:

  • free movement
  • posting of workers
  • social Security
  • aspects of international road transport

The manual is available at the following link: ELA’s mediation procedure leaflet

Regulatory Framework

ELA's mediation procedure leaflet


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