Bilateral pension agreement between Italy and United States

accordo bilaterale per la gestione sicurezza sociale e pensione Italia Stati Uniti pensions italy usa

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If you are a US worker and you have performed a working period in Italy, you may have obtained the right to apply for an Italian pension. Specifically, Italy and US have signed bilateral agreements in order to facilitate the management in terms of Social Security and pensions for working periods performed in both the countries, respectively.

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Italy-USA agreements for Social Security and pension benefits

The Italy-USA agreement on the matter of Social Security was signed on May 23rd, 1973. The related implemanting rules are contained in the Administrative Arrangement of November 22nd, 1977 and in the Exchange of notes of January 16th and 20th, 1978. The agreement, approved through the Law No. 86 of February 24th, 1975, entered into force on November 1st, 1978. Subsequently, it has been modified by the Supplementary Agreement, stipulated on April 17th, 1984, approved through the Law No. 609 of October 14th, 1985 and entered into force on January 1sr, 1986.

However, it should be kept in mind that,

the Agreement applies to the Social Security legislation of pension benefits for disability, seniority and for the survivors of employees and self-employed.

Therefore, the so-called “minor contributions” (contributi minori IVS) paid in Italy do not contribute to define the pension.

For the purposes of the Italian benefit, at least 52 weeks of contributions are required for international totalization, while the US benefit requires at least 78 weeks.

Pensions Italy-USA: amount of Italian contribution in USA

For the purpose of eligibility for voluntary insurance under Italian law, contribution periods credited in Italy may be totaled with insurance periods in the United States.

Insurance periods inferior to 52 weeks in Italy and inferior to 78 weeks in USA (which are not aplicable to international totalization) are in any case taken into account by the other Country, both for the purpose of ascertaining entitlement and for determining the amount.

This occurs only if the worker has collected in the other Country the minimum period required by the Agreement and is not entitled to the right to benefit without recourse to international totalization.

International totalization

International totalization refers to reconciliation of contribution periods in 2 or more countries (if multiple) in order to obtain a pension in one of the two countries in which the worker has exercised a work benefit, which, however, in this case must not be less than the abovementioned periods.

There is no possibility to totalize insurance periods collected in countries other than Italy and the United States.

Regulatory Framework

Social Security agreement between Italy and USA

Reference (Italian only)

Exchange of Notes of January 16th, 1978 and January 20th, 1978


Ratification and execution of the Agreement between the Republic of Italy and the United States of America on Social Security

Reference (Italian only)

Supplementary Agreement to the Agreement between the Republic of Italy and the United States of America on matters of Social Security

Reference (Italian only)

Ratification and execution of the supplementary agreement to the Agreement between Italy and the United States of America on Social Security

Reference (Italian only)

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