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Minimum wage increase in Luxembourg

Minimum wage increased from February 1st, 2023.

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In accordance with the latest updates provided for by the Budget Law, adopted by the Luxembourg Parliament on 23 December 2022, minimum wage has increased in Luxembourg as from February 1st, 2023.

What happens with posted workers to Luxembourg

Since salaries are freely determined by the two signing parties of an employment contract, the employer and the employee freely negotiate the expected level of salary. In any case, every employer must comply with the due social minimum wage according to the employee’s qualification.

The relative increase or decrease of salaries depend on two factors:

  • The increase of the social minimum;
  • The wage indexation. This means that wages, salaries, and social benefits vary if the cost of living changes. If the consumer price index rises or falls by 2.5% in the previous six months, salaries are in principle aligned accordingly.

The employer who posts an employee must ensure that the worker’s salary is at least equal to the social minimum wage of the country where s/he will temporary carry out activities.

For posted workers in Luxembourg, indexation only applies to the minimum wage and not to wages of a higher amount.

When is an employee qualified?

As previously mentioned, the minimum wage depends on the level of professional qualification of the employee, who is considered qualified when:

  • either have, for the profession pursued, an official certificate recognised as at least equivalent to the technical and vocational aptitude certificate (CATP) or a vocational aptitude diploma (DAP) from Luxembourg technical education;
  • either have a certificate of manual capacity (CCM) or a certificate of professional capacity (CCP) and justify a practice of at least 2 years in the trade concerned;
  • either have a technical and vocational initiation certificate (CITP) and justify a practice of at least 5 years in the trade or profession concerned;
  • or, if he does not have a certificate, justify a minimum professional practice of 10 years (where there is a certificate attesting to the required qualification);
  • or justify a minimum practice of 6 years in a trade requiring a certain technical ability and for which the training is not sanctioned by the issuance of an official certificate.

The employer must be informed of the qualification of the employee he intends to hire.

Once the employee has accordingly informed the employer, he may request payment of the social minimum wage for skilled workers.

Qualified employees must prove their status, giving evidence of their diplomas or concrete experience.

Current minimum wage in Luxembourg

As from February 1st, 2023, the minimum wage has increased up to €2,447.07 (from €2387,40) per month.

More specifically, salaries have changed as follow:

  • qualified employees ≥ 18 years old: from €2,864.88 to €2,936.48
  • non-qualified employees ≥ 18 years old: from €2,387.40 to €2,447.07
  • employees 17-18 years old: from €1,909.92 to €1,957.65
  • employees 15-17 years old: from €1,790.55 to €1,835.30

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Regulatory Framework

Salaire social minimum et indexation des salaires


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