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Corporate Welfare: online tax return services as fully tax-free Employee Benefits in Italy

For 2024, the new Italian Budget Law has provided for an increase of the tax-free fringe benefit threshold for all employees from €258.23 to €2,000, for employees with dependent children, and €1,000 for all other employees. 

Your company can now also include tax consulting services provided by professionals qualified with the Order of Chartered Accountants as employee benefits in Italy.  

Your company’s employees will be able to benefit from an advanced service for filing tax returns online, from home.

How to activate the service

Your company will be able to enter into a service provision contract with Studio Arletti & Partners.  

The duration of the contract may vary from 1 year up to a maximum of 3 years.  

In this way the company will be able to secure:   

  • The application of a single rate for each 730/Redditi PF form processed under the agreement; 
  • The maintenance of the same rate for the years of validity of the contract without any increase in professional fees. 

What is included in the service

The service always includes:  

  • Access to a reserved area on the A&P Platform for document storage and consultation;  
  • Sending of newsletters with all updates on tax matters; 
  • A dedicated price list with preferential rates for all other tax practices requested by employees (by way of example: IMU, Rental contract management, Inheritance tax declarations, assistance on renovation works – Bonus in construction, etc.).


It is also possible to request the annual telephone counselling service for a small flat fee. This way, your employees may receive year-round telephone assistance on ordinary tax questions. 

How the service works

The service guarantees all employees: 

  • An advanced online booking service; 
  • Sophisticated computer systems for uploading documentation from a PC or smartphone; 
  • The processing of the 730/Redditi PF form from home, without having to take time off work, with considerable time savings.


Employees may choose between: 

  • A video conference appointment with one of our Chartered Accountants; 
  • The processing of the tax return in complete autonomy, by filling in a simple online form. 

Our specialised services for your online tax declaration Italy

Our Tax Advisors offer comprehensive support for the preparation of your tax declaration, fully online.

  • Real estate
  • Foreign income
  • Bilateral treaties against double taxation​
  • Definition of tax residence​
  • Monitoring obligations of capital abroad
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Building bonuses

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