Atlasposting for international assignment management

The Online Platform to manage your international assignments

Discover our new Software to manage international assignments of workers.

How to manage international assignments with Atlasposting

Our new platform is a fundamental tool for prompt international assignment management and monitor all the relative mandatory requirements.

1. Login to upload your assignment

Once logged in, you will be able to upload your international assignments easily for all European Countries, including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Iceland. It takes only a few minutes to enter all the required data and documents.

The new platform A&P allows you to differentiate two types of account, ADMIN and USER, guaranteeing your company’s privacy policy.

2. Personalized assistance from our Posting Specialists

As soon as we receive your order, one of our consultants will quickly prepare all the necessary documents for your secondment, in accordance with European directives and local regulations.

You will also receive useful information on the working and salary conditions in force in your destination Country.

Atlasposting is fully privacy-compliant

The Atlasposting Portal complies with GDPR: the relevant Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) has also been conducted, available for consultation.

Preliminary checks and reports of your international assignments with Atlasposting

With our platform you will benefit from all the preliminary checks about your company and workers.

You will also get useful reports on the n. of days spent on site per Country, the distribution of workers during the year and a summary of your most active clients.

The preliminary checks with A&P Posting Platform

The online tool performs a complete check of the worker’s documents and the posting company’s obligations.

For Workers

For the Company

Keep all your international assignments under control

1. Timeline of your assignments

Ongoing or closed ones: with just one click on each secondment, the user is redirected to its Info-Sheet.

2. Workers’ distribution

The Platform displays a clear and straightforward view of the workers’ assignments abroad. The Gantt makes it possible to zoom in on specific time periods or to focus on some employees, improving the efficiency of their assignments.

3. Prevent Double Taxation of the worker and of the workplace abroad

The Platform counts the workdays and alerts the company in case the limits imposed by the applicable bilateral agreement are exceeded.

4. Keep track of your most active clients

For a live overview of your best clients and the level of distribution of your assignments to foreign countries.

soon available

Learn how to upload a new assignment and how to get the most from A&P platform with our FAQs and Tutorials.

To better plan your travels, the A&P Posting tool offers the possibility of activating the Country Mobility Sheets, through which you can consult essential and up-to-date information on mobility conditions for entering and working abroad.

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