Lezione A&P presso la conferenza EURA sulla direttiva 2014/67

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A&P holding a lecture at EURA conference on Directive 2014/67.

Alretti & Partners is attending EURA conference in Munich, and Mr Alessandro Arletti hold a lecture at the immigration symposium, presenting the Directive 2014/67 on the posting of workers to the EU.

The lecture had the purpose of describing the obligations that multinational companies should be aware of  before sending their workers to other EU countries, in compliance with the provisions and obligations introduced by Directives 96/71/CE and 2014/67/EU.

More than 50 people were attending the lecture and showed keen interest in the topic, that is currently representing an important critical issue for multinational companies that are posting their workers within the EU.

Arletti & Partners is a leading provider of posting declarations for all 28 EU countries, and Switzerland.

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