Posting Workers to Italy and Europe

Learn about posting workers in Italy and Europe, in line with active Directives and transpositions.

Posting workers abroad implies several requirements regarding immigration, social security and tax fulfillments. The webinar will cover all the necessary aspects to carry out successful secondments in line with EU and Italian Legislation.

By the end of the Webinar, you will know about:

  • New Directive 2019/1152/EU regulating work activities in Europe. Substantial changes will be active from July 2022, especially for assignments of +4 weeks;
  • Updates regarding the compliance for EU Directives 2014/67 and 987/18 for installation and maintenance activities in Europe (choose the countries of interest);
  • Employing interns from abroad in Italy: relevant changes from INL;
  • Employing interns from Italy to foreign countries: relevant changes from INL;
  • Responsabilities in case of assignments in Italy with foreign sub-contractors;
  • Directive 957/2018 for employees sent across Europe for more than 12 months.


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