Apply for the Tax Regime for Inpatriates in Italy

available for companies and individuals

Moving to Italy will grant access to large exemptions on income compensation.

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for exemptions on income compensation

Why apply for the Italian Tax Regime for Inpatriates

Foreign or Italian workers who decide to move or return to Italy will have access to large exemptions on income compensation. This includes employment, self-employment or business activity.

The regime may apply for a period from 5 to 10 years.

The tax regime for inpatriate workers in Italy has great advantages for both companies and taxpayers.

For Taxpayers...

For companies...

What you need to apply for the Italian Tax Regime for Inpatriates

Workers who transfer their residence in Italy to start an employment, a self-employment or business activity can benefit from the special tax regime for inpatriate workers.

Among other requirements, applicants should:

How A&P can help you apply for the Italian Tax Regime for Inpatriates

A&P will also send you a detailed analysis of your case via e-mail, to assess the applicability of the special regime, also considering the relevant legislation and requirements

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