Japan: travel restrictions and entry requirements for business trips

learn about travel restrictions in japan to plan business trips abroad

To account for how organizing your business trip abroad, you should first know Japanese entry requirements, as well as the necessary fulfilments, mask wearing, social distance and more.

From October the 11th, 2022, Japan started lifting some travel restrictions, particularly the control over the number of foreigners entering Japan and the quarantine requirement. As a matter of fact, the Japanese Ministry of Health constantly monitors the pandemic situation in order to progressively reduce entry requirements. Still, the Government recommends caution and social responsibility, following the appropriate health protocols to avoid any high risk situation.

To plan a business trip to Japan, it is necessary to be informed about the current travel restrictions and to describe the regulations still in force to travellers.

Table of contents

  1. Japan entry and transit requirements
  2. Covid-19 test certificate
  3. Vaccination certificate
  4. Documents to provide
  5. Face masks and social distance
  6. Ask our Experts


1. Japan entry and transit requirements

Currently, entry restrictions apply only to non-vaccinated travellers and to travelers coming from China. On the other hand, vaccinated ones can enter without restrictions, provided that they have received all doses. Moreover, there are no transit restrictions, but travellers may be subject to medical screening measures put in place by the Authorities.

2. Covid-19 Test certificate

Vaccinated travellers are not required to submit any Covid-19 test certificate to enter Japan, unless they come from China. On the other hand, non-vaccinated travellers and travelers that come from or have been in the 7 days prior to arrival in China must submit a certificate of negative Covid-19 test, in compliance with certain timeframes and guidelines.

Moreover, travelers coming from or that have been, in the 7 days prior to arrival, in China must take another test upon arrival.

3. Vaccination Certificate

Even though vaccinated travellers may enter Japan without a Covid-19 test certificate, they must still submit a vaccination certificate, in compliance with some requirements.

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4. Documents to send

Travelers entering Japan must follow the Fast Track procedure. To do so, they must upload all the certificates and the necessary documents on Visit Japan Web and fill in a questionnaire. After having completed the procedure, they will obtain a QR code to be shown to the Authorities upon arrival.

5. Face masks and social distance

The use of face masks is no longer compulsory. However, the Government still recommends to wear it on public transport and in indoor spaces and to keep a social distance of at least 2 meters when talking with other people.

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