India: travel restrictions and entry requirements for business trips

learn latest travel restrictions in india in case you are planning business trips to India

How to organize business trips to India following the latest travel restrictions.

Like many other Countries, most of the travel restrictions in India for international travellers have been lifted. In fact, on November 21st 2022 the Indian Ministry of Health & Family published the new guidelines for international travellers, following a new improvement of the epidemiological situation.

However, the Ministry still recommends precautionary measures before and on arrival.

Table of contents

  1. Entry restrictions in India
  2. Covid test requirement
  3. Quarantine rules
  4. Entry form
  5. Lockdown restrictions in India
  6. Ask our experts

1. Entry restrictions in India

All international travellers are allowed to enter India both by sea or air, but they must comply with all instructions and screening requirements planned by Indian Authorities.

2. Do you need a covid test in India?

Travellers are not required anymore to submit a negative result of a PCR test, however they should preferably be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

In addition, all travellers may be subjected to screening or tests on arrival.

3. Quarantine rules

All travellers should monitor their health after arrival in the Country and report any Covid-19 symptom to the Authorities. Moreover, a specific isolation protocol has to be followed if you are tested positive in India.

Single States and Union territories may also establish quarantine rules specific for a certain area.

4. Entry form

As of February 13th 2023 travellers are not required anymore to submit a self-declaration form on arrival. However, entry requirements may change with very little notice. Please contact our experts to be always up to dated.

5. Lockdown restrictions in India

With the improvement of the Covid-19 situation the Indian Government does not publish general lockdown rules anymore. However, the principles of prevention, such as the use of a face mask, physical distancing and hand hygiene, continue to apply.

In addition, the single States and Union territories of India may introduce additional protective measures if necessary.

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