Russia: travel restrictions and entry requirements for business trips

travel restrictions in Russia

Find out about current travel restrictions in Russia to manage your business trips.

Following the decrease in the number of newly reported cases, Russia readjusted its international travel policy. Consequently, incoming travelers now face fewer impediments and restrictions. However, they still need to exercise some precautions, since some limitations remain in place or may be re-introduced should the situation change.

This article provides an overview of anti-Covid provisions currently in effect in Russia. In particular, it covers entry and transit requirements, quarantine regulation, and Covid-related sanitary regulations enacted inside the country.

Table of contents

  1. Requirements of entry and transit in Russia
  2. Quarantine
  3. Staying in the Country
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1. Requirements for entry and transit in Russia

From July 15, 2022, Russian authorities lifted all restrictions on entry in and transit through the country regardless of a traveller’s country of departure or residence. In other words, access and transit are permitted in compliance with standard procedures.

1.1 Fulfillments

All passengers need to complete one of the travel forms prior to landing in Russia and present it to customs. Usually, it is a cabin crew who distributes the forms during inbound flights. The templates are also available on the competent public health authority website.

1.2 Medical test to enter Russia

Since autumn 2022, Russian authorities no longer require incoming travelers to have any Covid-19 related certification when entering the country. However, in the airports of Russia, selective testing of foreign citizens and stateless persons arriving from abroad will be conducted.

2. Quarantine restrictions in Russia

There is no post-entry quarantine requirement. However, self-isolation of at least 7 days will be required in case symptoms of COVID-19 are developed and/or if a person is tested positive for COVID-19. The measure applies regardless of a traveller’s vaccination status.

Furthermore, it worth mentioning that local jurisdictions may set their own rules regarding quarantine requirements for travelers arriving in the country.

It is advisable to check the websites of local officials.

3. Staying in the country

3.1. Prevention measures within the country

Currently, there are no lockdown measures at a nationwide scale.

As regards the obligation to wear a mask and maintain social distance, in Moscow, since December 2022,  healthcare facilities administration ask visitors to wear masks. Usually, if they are required, masks are provided at the entry points to such facilities.

In other cities, individuals should consider wearing masks in public places, on public transportation, at work, in stores, in a parking lot, or in a taxi.

3.2 Moving across Russia

At the nationwide level, no Covid-19 related restrictions apply to domestic trips. However, the local authorities have the right to impose restrictive measures and limitations on the territories of their jurisdiction. This may affect conditions of entry and mobility. Travelers may face the necessity to undergo a test and quarantine. Therefore, checking the official websites of cities and regions may be help to know what to expect at your destination.

There is a map that may help assess the level of risk in a particular region.

In conclusion, due to the security situation, certain airports are not operating. This closure has affected the airports of Anapa, Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, Kursk, Lipetsk, Rostov-on-Don, Simferopol and Elista.

Please note that Covid-19 travel rules, and, consequently, the information provided in this article may change at short notice or without notice at all. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly monitor the provisions or seek advice from our experts.

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