New Law Decree 130/2020 “Security and Immigration”

The new Law Decree provides important changes to the conditions of immigration, security and international mobility.

The new Law Decree provides important changes to the conditions of immigration, security and international mobility.

On October 21, Legislative Decree 130/2020, which provides for important changes in the field of immigration, security and international protection was published on the Official Gazette. In particular, the decree introduces interesting innovations on the subject of residence permits for work and citizenship.


Residence permits convertible into work permits increase

Article 1 of Decree 130/2020 introduces paragraph 1-bis to art. 6 of Legislative Decree 286/98 (Consolidated Immigration Act), updating the list of residence permits convertible into residence permits for work reasons.

Specifically, to the categories of convertible permits already provided, are added those of:

  • special protection,
  • calamities,
  • elective residence,
  • acquisition of citizenship or stateless status,
  • sport activity,
  • artistic work,
  • religious reasons,
  • assistance to minors.


Terms of concession of Italian citizenship are reduced

The art. 4, paragraph 5 of the Decree in question also intervenes on the maximum terms of duration of the procedures for granting Italian citizenship, reducing this term from forty-eight to thirty-six months. This change will apply only to citizenship applications presented after the conversion into law of the same decree.

 For all applications submitted up to that date, as well as applications proposed before the decree came into force, the forty-eight months term previously introduced by art. 14, paragraph 2 of the law decree n. 113/2018, converted into law no. 132/2018 is still applicable.

The Italian language test is also mandatory and must be passed before the application is sent electronically.

We remind you that both the applications for conversion of residence permits and citizenship applications must be submitted through the dedicated ministerial portal which can only be accessed after authentication.

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