Malaysia: travel restrictions and entry requirements for business trips

Learn how to comply with national regulations to enter Malaysia: entry and transit requirements, isolation, social distancing and more.

From April 1st, 2022, Malaysia entered in the Transition Phase to COVID-19 Resilience, thanks to the effectiveness of the prevention measures adopted. Moreover, the National COVID-19 Vaccination Program contributed to the success of the transition phase. However, some regulations actually exist in order to keep unchanged the number of daily cases of COVID-19.

Therefore, in case of business trips to Malaysia, it is advisable to be aware the regulations in force. In order to avoid any ambiguity, it is essential to describe which requirements and indications are still strongly recommended to travellers.

Table of contents

  1. Malaysia: entry and transit requirements
  2. COVID-19 Test Regulations
  3. Did you test positive for COVID-19? Follow the protocols!
  4. Face masks and social distancing
  5. Ask our Experts


1. Malaysia: entry and transit requirements

With no entry and transit regulation, all travellers can currently enter Malaysia regardless of their vaccination status. However, it is strongly advisable to install a localisation app for travellers.

2. COVID-19 Test Regulations

No obligations exist for a COVID-19 pre-departure test. However, travellers may need to perform a COVID-19 test in Malaysia: here a list of private and public facilities that perform rapid antigen and PCR tests.

3. Did you test positive for COVID-19? Protocols in Malaysia

Travellers who develop COVID-19 symptoms while in Malaysia should get tested. If tested positive, they are possibly subject to one of the two current protocols for positive COVID-19 cases:

  • Category 1 and 2A, for asymptomatic or people with mild symptoms who shall stay at home;
  • Category 2B and, high-risk groups, for whom hospitalisation may be necessary at a COVID-19 Care Centre (CAC).


Travellers tested positive to a COVID-19 test in Malaysia and whose symptoms worsen (persistent cough, breathing difficulties, fatigue, vomiting and dysentery, fever, loss of appetite, mental confusion and oxygenation below 95 per cent) shall require hospitalisation in the nearest CAC or call the 999 for emergencies.

The isolation period in Malaysia lasts 7 days and no test is required. However, it might be possible to previously interrupt the isolation if no symptoms are revealed or if a negative antigen rapid or PCR test is performed before seven days.

4. Face masks and social distancing

The use of a mask remains mandatory in indoor public places, while it is optional, but strongly recommended, outdoors. Conversely, there are no regulations for social distancing.

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