How are EU-Countries reacting to the spread of COVID-19? part 1/5

How are EU-Countries reacting to the spread of COVID-19? (part 1/5)

How are EU-Countries reacting to the spread of COVID-19? (part 1/5)


People arriving to Austria from Italy must keep with them a valid medical certificate stating the negative result to the Coronavirus test, dating back no earlier than 4 days. Flights from/to Italy are suspended, whereas trains are allowed to pass Austrian territory without stopping.

People coming from Italy who have their main or secondary residence in Austria can freely access the country, as long as they accept to undergo quarantine for 14 days.


Belgian Authorities have undertaken some preventive measures to contrast the spread of COVID-19, therefore any unnecessary travel must be postponed or cancelled. No particular restrictions are established for Italian citizen, although Brussels Airlines and Ryanair have cancelled all their flights from/to Italy.


Local authorities have strengthened medical checks in all the main airports of the country for all passengers with particular attention to people coming from China and Italy. At their arrival, they are in fact required to fill in a questionnaire and to undergo voluntary quarantine.

Most flights from/to Italy are cancelled.


Croatian authorities have imposed a 14-day mandatory quarantine in a healthcare structure for all citizens coming from Italy by plane. Mobile epidemiological units have been set across the border with Italy and Slovenia in order to undertake medical checks to people coming from these territories.

Flights from/to Italy have been suspended until 28th March, however authorities may extend these restrictions.


Starting from 10th March, all citizens coming to Cyprus who have been to Italy in the previous 14 days will have to undergo mandatory quarantine, under medical control, at their home or in a healthcare structure in Cyprus.


Starting from tomorrow 14th March people coming from Italy, China, South Korea, Iran, Spain, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium and Denmark will not be allowed to enter the Czech Republic, except made for residents with  permanent or  long-stay permit.

Czech Airlines and other international airlines have cancelled their flights from/to Italy until 6th April, moreover international services via bus and trains are now banned, however it is possible to leave the country by car.

Further updates on this issue will be following soon, please check our News section to be constantly informed.


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