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Why apply for Golden Visa Italy

The Italian Golden Visa is a government program introduced in 2017 Budget Law as a reward and as an incentive for non-EU investors.

Golden Visa Italy has a validity of 2 years.

The Italian Golden Visa allows to:

  • reside in Italy for a minimum of 2 years up to 5 years;
  • travel across Schengen countries for up to 90 days every 180 days.

Applications for the Italian golden visa can be provided at any time and without the quotas limitations

Benefits and incentives of the Italian Investor Visa

Investor visa holders can access a number of incentives, such as:

Types of investments accepted

At least €2.000.000,00 of investment (maintained for at least 2 years).

At least €500.000,00 of investment (maintained for at least 2 years).

The amount is reduced to €250.000,00 if investing into an already existing Italian innovative Start-up company.

The investment should be aimed to support a project of public interest in either culture, research, immigration management, or restoration of natural or artistic assets.

The amount of the investment shall be of at least €1.000.000,00.

What you need to apply for Golden Visa Italy

It is mandatory to do the right investment in compliance with the Italian Immigration Law provision. 

Investment requirements:

Additional documents to provide for your Golden Visa Italy application

Applicants shall also:


Holders and beneficial owners

Demonstrate that they are holders and beneficial owners of an amount at least equal to €2.000.000,00  or €1.000.000,00 (depending on the case). This amount must be in each case available and transferable in Italy.


Declaration of commitment

Submit a written declaration in which they commit to use such funds to make an investment or philanthropic donation that meets the set criteria within three months from the date of entry into Italy.


resource for own sustenance

Demonstrate that they have sufficient resources, in addition to the funds abovementioned, for their own sustenance during their stay in Italy.


anti-money laundry statement

Present an Anti-Money Laundry Statement, to be required to the credit institution where the funds for the investment are held. It certifies that the credit institution has carried out adequate checks on the origin of the resources, according to the international standards on anti-money laundry.

How A&P can help you apply for Italian Golden Visa

Arletti & Partners can help you submit the requests for both the investor visa and the residence permit.

You can send a free request to our Team to understand your case and get support for the application process.

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