How is Italy regulating the entry from countries worldwide?
What are the requirements and fulfillments to enter the Country?

Plan safe and successful trips to Italy in line with the regulations in force and get ready to join International Exhibitions again!


Italy is eager to welcome back visitors and exhibitors for 2021 International Exhibitions: however, we all still need to abide by current regulations to plan safe and successfull travels.

With this regard, Arletti & Partners created an Assistance Form to help you know all the necessary requirements and fulfillments to come to Italy.

Extensive experience to help with Covid-19 Restrictions

A&P Mobility Experts have been working for over a year on international Covid-19 restrictions, with a dedicated service to help workers travel abroad during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our team of Professionals is made of graduated experts in foreign languages and legal areas: this can only result in top-tier global mobility consulting, covering more than 60 countries worldwide and always up-to-date with the latest regulations.

The Workflow: reliable and up-to-date information

When it comes to Government Regulations and fulfillments, it is of fundamental importance to gather official, reliable and most importantly up-to-date information.

Our process covers all the entry requirements and stay fulfillments that workers must abide by when in a foreign Country, resulting in an informative ‘Country Sheet’.

We only analyze institutional and government sources to gather official information about +60 Countries worldwide.

A dedicated software allows our experts to keep track of +500 websites about relevant changes every 12 hours.

Our experts thoroughly evaluate relevant changes and update the Country Sheet within 24 hours.

International Exhibitions in Italy: Our Support

Arletti & Partners decided to develop a dedicated assistance form to facilitate international travels to upcoming exhibitions in Italy.

The form is organized in questions and a selection of answers, that will automatically determine the information that users will receive when clicking the options of interest. Unlike other online Institutional informative tools, the form is specifically tailored for international exhibitors, buyers and visitors travelling towards the exhibition of interest.

A&P can leverage on an extensive know-how on global mobility to help visitors and exhibitors get extremely detailed information about their travel requirements.

Before planning your travel, it is important to be aware of the current regulations in Italy. Entry requirements may change based on the Country of origin of the travel or transit through third Countries.

The main focus on travellers coming to the exhibition is the reason why the form not only includes all the necessary regulations currently in force to enter Italy from abroad, but also the regional regulations, as well as the local regulations applicable in the exhibition location.

In this way, travellers are guided from their departure until the very end of their journey.

In addition, in order to include as many international routes as possible, our form goes beyond the Italian regulations, to include detailed information about transit conditions through major international airports to come to Italy, as well as conditions to arrive by land transit through its neighbouring and other nearby Countries.

In the rare and very specific cases that are not covered by the form, visitors and exhibitors can open contact our experts by opening a Ticket.

By applying for a Covid-19 ticket directly through the form, users can request a tailored report written by our experts, which will include all the requirements applicable to their specific itinerary, in order to safely arrive to the exhibition.

The service is structured as follows:

  • Online registration;
  • Collection of the relevant information, such as travel details, duration of stay, place of stay in Italy:
  • Creation of a customised report, based on the information provided;
  • Support via chat for the entire duration of stay, for any doubts that may arise.

Our Professional Expertise to help you

*Users are required to register to access the form*

The access to the form can also be integrated on the website of the Exhibition of interest, from which users would be redirected in one click.

Start now and find all the answers you need with our dedicated questionnaire!

Should you need any further information about our solutions and plans, please do not hesitate to contact us through the form below: our team of International Mobility experts will provide full support to comply with all the Covid-19 restrictions to arrive in Italy.

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