Secondment Italy – Turkey: maximum duration 12 months

Set the maximum duration of secondments between Italy and Turkey: maximum of 12 months.

INPS issued the message n. 3085 of August 3, 2018, with which it informs its territorial structures about the release of certificates of posting (CE 1 forms) for Italian workers who are seconded to Turkey.

In the light of the above clarifications, while awaiting the definition of the Administrative Agreement, the Territorial Structures, starting from the publication of this message, will have to issue the posting certifications (CE Forms 1) for a maximum duration of 12 months.

With regards to the certifications already issued for the duration of 24 months, for which the supervising Ministry can requests a copy of the contribution cover form only for the first 12 months, the Territorial Structures must proceed to issue of a new certificate for the required duration (12 months).

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