Direct flights to China are back: CCIC is organizing flights from July to September

After 8 weeks of forced block due to the number of positive Covid-19 cases upon landing in China, the Milan-Tianjin direct flight started operating again from May 19, 2022, on his regular weekly schedule.

Meanwhile, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China (CCIC) published a “Call for Interest” for associates or Italian nationals who might be interested in the activation of a new route.

Table of contents

  1. Milan-Tianjin direct flight reactivation
  2. Organisation of the Milan-Nanjing direct flight
  3. Regulatory framework
  4. How can we support you
  5. Book a call
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1. Milan-Tianjin direct flight reactivation

As per Chinese Embassy in Italy’s notice, on May 19, 2022, the only available direct flight to China from Milan starts operating again after a mandatory block on March 24, 2022, by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Following the related Covid-19 protocol, starting from the same date, the Green HDC Code (which is mandatory to board on the flights to China) will not be issued anymore for travellers departing from Italy who are transiting in a third Country.

1.1 China-bound flights pre-departure fulfilments simplification

At the same time, Chinese Consular Authorities published a new notice, which specifies the pre-departure requirements for China-bound travellers. With this last update, some of the old requirements are going to decade.

Starting from May 20, 2022, in fact, travellers (regardless their vaccination status or having contracted the Covid-19) will no longer need to:

  • Undergo a PCR swab test 7 days before their departure;
  • Undergo an IGM test (and IGM, anti-N type);
  • Undergo a lung CT scan; undergo a PCR swab after a 6-week health self-monitoring period; and undergo another PCR swab after the monitoring period, followed by an additional 14-day quarantine period (previous requirements for travellers who were ill with Covid-19).

2. Organization of the Milan-Nanjing direct flight

In its constant struggle to support the Italian firms in China, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China is keeping constant contact with the local and national Chinese authorities with the main purpose of activating 3 charter flights from Italy during summer.

As of today, the tentative dates would be:

  • July 17, 2022;
  • August 9, 2022;
  • September 11, 2022.

All the CCIC associates or Italian nations who are interested can register online at the Call For Interest, deadline on May 25, 2022.

How we can support you:

At Studio Arletti & Partners we are specialised in constant monitoring the Covid-19 related international regulations, and all the applicable restrictions and fulfilments to enter/exit a specific Country.

We support firms who need to have their personnel travel to China by:

  • scheduling all the mandatory pre-departure swab tests;
  • helping them in filling out the online form to obtain the Green HDC Code;
  • keeping a close eye on Covid-19 related applicable laws in the departure Country and at the final destination, including the China internal mobility.

We can also support you in the issuing of the China Visa.

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