COVID-19 Misure di emergenza estese a livello nazionale

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On March 9th, the Italian government has published a further decree extending restrictive measures to the entire country in the effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 across Italy. New measures implemented in the Red Zones only a day ago, are now applied nationwide. Italy is now on lockdown, with the new “I stay at home” Decree, limiting all social activities, with all public events and indoor activities (e.g. concerts, fitness centers, theaters) suspended; schools and universities will remain closed until April 3rd; restaurants and bars can only be open until 6PM and must follow strict health guidelines (e.g. safety distance between people) or will be fined.

It is forbidden for individuals who are quarantined or positive to the virus to leave their homes and to travel.Travel is allowed only for documented work reasons, health reasons or other serious reasons. Those travelling outside their region or their cities can only do so out of serious necessity. It is mandatory to provide a signed self-certification on the reason of travel. Travel is only permitted for compelling business reasons, health reasons, or because they have to return home. The required self-certification can also be signed in front of the police officer, who shall provide the required form. At the airport, travellers are required to show not only the travel document but also the signed self-certification. Individuals landing in Italy will be required to declare the reason of travel upon entry.

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