Apply for the Italian Citizenship by Descent

Live in Italy like an Italian Citizen.
Have a look at the benefits, requirements and how Studio A&P can help you.

01. know before apply

Requirements & Timeline

In case of citizenship by descent, Authorities will check the continuity of the bloodline between you and the first Italian ancestor who emigrated abroad.

To do so, you should provide:

  1. Birth certificate of the first Italian ancestor, along with a document proving the Italian citizenship;
  2. Birth and marriage certificates of the following ancestors in your direct line;
  3. Your Italian Residence;
  4. Proof that none of your ancestors renounced their Italian citizenship;


Studio A&P can help you collect all the necessary documents, providing support in case translation or legalization services are needed.

Studio A&P will support you throughout the whole application, keeping constant contacts with the Authorities in charge.

02. features & benefits

About the Service

Forget about endless bureaucracy: with the Italian citizenship, you’ll have simplified access to:

  1. Travel within the EU – no Visa required;
  2. Italian Public Healthcare System;
  3. Enrollment to EU Universities;
  4. Favorable Tax Regimes;
  5. And many more!
how long will it take?
The application process takes around 180 days (6 months).

03. consultation call

Book a video-call with Studio A&P

If you wish to get more information about your case, you can book a video-call with our Experts. A&P will help assess your case with a preliminary analysis to define the best solution for you.

duration of the call

30 minutes

please note

The video-call with A&P serves as a preliminary analysis of your situation. For specific cases, we may avail the collaboration of international partners, but only after the call.

if you accept the quotation

Should you entrust A&P with you case, the fee of the video-call will be subtracted from the service quotation.

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